Review: Juniper Grove Journals

I first saw pictures of Juniper Grover Journals pop up in pictures on Instagram. The striking covers and sleek design of the inserts immediately caught my attention. I added a journal to my mental “To Buy” list.

I finally took the plunge so to speak when I decided to begin both a calendar of firsts and mother’s journals for my children. A calendar of firsts had been on my mind for multiple years, but I couldn’t find a calendar that fit what I wanted. I also didn’t have the desire to design one for myself. Anyway, when I saw Juniper Grove’s Calendar of Firsts, it was exactly what I wanted.

Before I became a mother (over nine years ago!), I had a plan of keeping a journal for each one of my children. I would write a letter in their journals on their birthdays and perhaps at other times throughout the year. Then when they were adults or moving out of my home, I could gift them the journal. It would contain memories of their childhood and some of my hopes and prayers for them. As many of my pre-motherhood aspirations did, my desire to keep journals for my children started out well . . . but died a rather untimely death. I stopped journaling for my children when I had two children. However, several years later I heard about Charlotte Mason’s mother journals, and her vision encouraged me to reinvigorate my own desire for journaling for my children.

It’s been another handful of years . . . and I’m finally biting the bullet and jumping in. (Something about my oldest being eight and starting to look like a young woman that has made me realize time is fleeting. If I’m going to have a journal for my children, I need to get started!) Juniper Grove has beautiful Mother’s Journals too.

Juniper Grove is a family owned business. The journal covers they have designed are absolutely gorgeous. They are high quality. The journal comes beautifully packaged.

There are a variety of journal styles and beautiful fabrics that you can pick for your journal.

Look at that cover!

When you order a journal from Juniper Grove, you pick three inserts that will come with the journal. The inserts are removable from the journal so once you’ve filled up one insert you can remove that one and put a new one in its place. (Also even though the journals come with three inserts, you can customize your journal by adding expansion bands so your journal can hold up to seven inserts at a time.)

There is a pocket on both the inside front cover and inside of the back cover. I bought the Classic Journal.

I love how these journals are completely customizable due to the variety of inserts Juniper Grove has available. You can literally create the perfect journal for whatever your needs are. Some of the other inserts that intrigue me are the Phenology Journal, the Century Journal, the Habit Tracker, and the Menu Planner. (And that’s just a small sampling of the journal inserts they have available!) If you don’t see the specific insert you want, you can even create a custom journal insert.

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