Notebooking: Current Events

With the beginning of Year 7 of Ambleside Online, we are moving more slowly getting into a routine this year.  (Perhaps because we are also in the process of moving and unpacking??)  So each week of assigned work is taking us about a week and a half to complete, and I’m learning to be okay with that.  I love following schedules and getting everything marked off on time!  However, it is more important that we do all of our work and that we do it well than that we get it done in a week’s time.  And in all honesty, this is also why we start our school year in June.  It gives us time to figure out what the new school rhythm will be each year!

One of the new subjects that is assigned in Year 7 is each of the boys needs to keep up with current events in some way by reading or watching news.  Now it’s not like we’ve never followed the news.  It’s just now it’s something we are working with each one of them to take the initiative to regularly read the news and then summarize what they read.  We’re aiming to do a current events entry 2-3 times a week.  By the end of the year, each one of my Year 7 students will have a nice year book of some of the things that happened throughout the world in 2021.

There are really so many options out there to keep up with world events.  Of course, one of the greatest ways is just living life and being around people because we often find ourselves discussing what’s going on in the world while our children are there.  And it’s a great way for them to see and hear how adults interact with the world in this way.  My goal for my boys this year is to be able to begin joining in on these discussions with their own thoughts and questions.  And, of course, as they begin to interact and see that people can have differing opinions on world events, they will also learn to respect those that disagree with them.

So far, we have used the following resources to keep up with world events.

The Way the World Works – One of the things I like about this podcast is that they are often short episodes.  We often listen to this one when we are in the car.  Not only do we learn a lot BUT they often have fun episodes that are unique and interesting but don’t have anything to do with current news.  This has quickly become one of our favorites.

PragerU – This was recently recommended to us although we haven’t listened to it yet.  I’m hoping we can add it in to our rotation. 


Student News Daily – This resource is actually on a summer break, but we are looking forward to when it comes back!

Science News for Students

CNN10 was also just recommended to us.  So we are looking forward to adding this into our rotation as well.

A few other resources have been recommended to us, so I might add a few more to our rotation.  When one of my boys is ready to read some news, they will pick one of these resources to read or listen to.  My only requirement is that they cannot pick the same one consecutively so that they can begin to get a broader education on news instead of always going to the one that is the easiest or their favorite.

Check out our free printable page for the form I made for my students to keep track of the articles they read.

~ Carrie ~

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