Five TOP Gifts for Moms

Mother’s Day is a beautiful time to celebrate mothers and the work they do to for those around them.  I’m so grateful for my mom and mother-in-law who have loved my family and me for so many years.  Each year they give their time and love for us. 

I’ve also always viewed Mother’s Day as a time to be grateful for other women that I’ve met and lived life with through the years.  (I love to make cheesecake for Mother’s Day for myself, and I like to give slices of cheesecake to my friends at church.)

I’m so grateful this year for the other women in my life who have invested in me this past year.  Through them, I’ve seen modeled selfless love for children who are struggling, and I’ve seen women standing by husbands through serious medical issues.  I have friends who have been there for me through the major ups and downs of this past year, and they never grew tired of the difficulties.  I have friends who reach out and initiate girls’ nights where we can laugh and talk and hug. 

So this Mother’s Day I’m grateful for all of the women in my life who have made the choice to love me and my family.

Now on to a totally different topic…some great, and unique, Mother’s Day gift ideas for the women in YOUR life.

Sisterhood: The Women Who Came Before – This is an amazing list of book suggestions on women who have accomplished amazing things in their lives.  This is an instant download, so it’s a great last minute gift!  (This list was compiled by yours truly!) 

Bookmarks with Literary Quotes – Again, this is an instant download.  So print them out on cardstock.  And if you have a laminator, then quickly run them through, and you’ll have some gorgeous bookmarks to give! 

Book Journaling Pages – This is a great gift for women who love to keep an old school record of the books they read.  It’s an instant download.  So print out the pages, place them in a pretty 3-ring binder, and you’ll have a unique and beautiful gift. 

Customized Book Earrings – I gave these as gifts last Christmas, and they were a great hit!  Pick your mom’s favorite book and have them made into earrings! 

A Fine Quotation – These are some of the most amazing book gifts you could ever give!  She has bookmarks, mugs, reading passports, and so much more featuring some of the most beloved authors and fictional characters.

~ Carrie ~

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