How To: Encourage Reading in Your Kids

How do I make my children love reading? I’ve heard this question multiple times.  In one sense, I can’t make my children love reading. I can read to them and make them listen to books, but I can’t force them to enjoy an activity. My job as their mother though is to create an environment thatContinue reading “How To: Encourage Reading in Your Kids”

The Best Advice for New Homeschoolers

We recently had some new neighbors move in next door, and we were thrilled when we were able to meet them.  It’s always fun to hear people’s stories.  Come to find out we are both originally from California!  Crazy! Anyway, we chatted for a few minutes asking all of the fun first questions.  And itContinue reading “The Best Advice for New Homeschoolers”

A Lesson in Parenting

I learned a valuable parenting lesson from a fictional rabbit.  In “The Green Ember,” Pickett, a young rabbit, feels like he has been abandoned by family and ignored by the people he loves. Now that’s not really true…but regardless he feels unloved and unaccepted. Pickett finds a brusque, crusty old rabbit who is a warrior.Continue reading “A Lesson in Parenting”

Mother Culture for Homeschool Moms

As a homeschooling mom, I see the value of reading.  And even before we officially began to homeschool nine years ago, I made intentional decisions to spend time every day reading to my children because I knew I wanted them to grow into adults who loved to read.  However, in the business of life asContinue reading “Mother Culture for Homeschool Moms”

Learning State History

One of my favorite memories of school when I was in elementary grade was studying the history of California, my home state.  History has long been one of my favorite leisure subjects.  But there was something that was so connecting to know what happened in my local area.  There were so many interesting people andContinue reading “Learning State History”

Notebooking: Current Events

With the beginning of Year 7 of Ambleside Online, we are moving more slowly getting into a routine this year.  (Perhaps because we are also in the process of moving and unpacking??)  So each week of assigned work is taking us about a week and a half to complete, and I’m learning to be okayContinue reading “Notebooking: Current Events”

Simple Ways to Add Beauty to Your Homeschool Day

It can be hard as a homeschool mom to find the time and the motivation to add beauty to our homeschool days. Our culture–the academic milieu of our day–emphasizes grades, achievement, and the 3 R’s. Even though we’ve chosen to opt out of the public school system, it can still be a challenge to letContinue reading “Simple Ways to Add Beauty to Your Homeschool Day”

How I Do Morning Time . . . and You Can Too!

Morning time has become such a sweet and treasured time for me and all three of my students.  (I have two Year 7 students and one Year 3.5 student.)  It has evolved and changed through the years as I adapt morning time to fit with each season of life.  With adding Year 7 to ourContinue reading “How I Do Morning Time . . . and You Can Too!”

Starting with Morning Time

Morning time is a popular idea in some homeschooling circles. Most of the time, it’s encouraged as a way to bring all our children together regardless of grades or ability into a time of learning as a family. It’s a way of lessening some of the academic load by combining students to participate in theContinue reading “Starting with Morning Time”