How to Commonplace

Commplacing has been an important addition to my self-education and my reading life. I’d heard of the concept of commonplacing several years before I started the practice myself. I even started a commonplace book once or twice, but I never developed the habit of commonplacing so it wouldn’t take long for my commonplace journal toContinue reading “How to Commonplace”

Commonplace Selection

One of the benefits of keeping a commonplace journal is that I periodically scroll through my commonplace book and read the quotes. The quotes give me good ideas to continue thinking about and to integrate the truth in the quotes into my life. Periodically I will share quotes from my commonplace journal in the hopeContinue reading “Commonplace Selection”

Teaching Shakespeare

I never thought I’d be one of “those” parents who taught her elementary school aged children Shakespeare plays. But here I am enjoying Shakespeare with my children eight and under.I say that I enjoy Shakespeare’s plays even though I’d only read two of them before beginning the education of my children. The two that IContinue reading “Teaching Shakespeare”

Why I Chose Ambleside Online

I first stumbled across Ambleside Online when I was still in highschool. My parents made the decision to homeschool me, and I am grateful they did. As a result of my education, I always planned to homeschool my own children one day. Additionally I was raised in a literary home so Ambleside Online caught myContinue reading “Why I Chose Ambleside Online”

2021 Reading Challenges

Miss Morissa: Doctor of the Gold Trail by Mari Sandoz Nebraska POW Camps: A History of World War II Prisoners in the Heartland by Melissa Amateis Thieves, Rascals, and Sore Losers: The Unsettling History of the Dirty Deals that Helped Settle Nebraska by Marilyn Coffey Conquering the Great American Desert by Dick Everett Febold Feboldson:Continue reading “2021 Reading Challenges”