Why I Chose Ambleside Online

I first stumbled across Ambleside Online when I was still in highschool. My parents made the decision to homeschool me, and I am grateful they did. As a result of my education, I always planned to homeschool my own children one day. Additionally I was raised in a literary home so Ambleside Online caught myContinue reading “Why I Chose Ambleside Online”

2021 Reading Challenges

Miss Morissa: Doctor of the Gold Trail by Mari Sandoz Nebraska POW Camps: A History of World War II Prisoners in the Heartland by Melissa Amateis Thieves, Rascals, and Sore Losers: The Unsettling History of the Dirty Deals that Helped Settle Nebraska by Marilyn Coffey Conquering the Great American Desert by Dick Everett Febold Feboldson:Continue reading “2021 Reading Challenges”