Learning State History

One of my favorite memories of school when I was in elementary grade was studying the history of California, my home state.  History has long been one of my favorite leisure subjects.  But there was something that was so connecting to know what happened in my local area.  There were so many interesting people andContinue reading “Learning State History”

Simple Ways to Add Beauty to Your Homeschool Day

It can be hard as a homeschool mom to find the time and the motivation to add beauty to our homeschool days. Our culture–the academic milieu of our day–emphasizes grades, achievement, and the 3 R’s. Even though we’ve chosen to opt out of the public school system, it can still be a challenge to letContinue reading “Simple Ways to Add Beauty to Your Homeschool Day”

How I Do Morning Time . . . and You Can Too!

Morning time has become such a sweet and treasured time for me and all three of my students.  (I have two Year 7 students and one Year 3.5 student.)  It has evolved and changed through the years as I adapt morning time to fit with each season of life.  With adding Year 7 to ourContinue reading “How I Do Morning Time . . . and You Can Too!”